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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but I have a lot to tell you about. On a meaner note, I just received a package from Forever 21. I was really excited because they had free shipping, so I bought three shirts and two necklaces. The total came out to be $80. I just got my purchase today and am less than happy.

Literally, I’m frowning. That’s how annoyed I am. First of all, one of the necklaces was nice. The other one, not so much. Not only was it not that nice, but one of the feathers was off it before I even opened it up. And if you don’t know, all jewelry from F21 is final sale. So you know me, I called the corporate offices and freaked out. It’s not longer in it’s original package, I put it in a baggie, but I don’t even care. I shouldn’t have to pay money for something that has poor workmanship.

My next problem was with two of the shirts. Well, this shirt was nice (Shimmer Leopard Sweater). It’s a little small right now because I ordered a size smaller than I usually do because I’ve been losing weight. But I’m keeping it because it looks cute and will give me an incentive to lose more weight. Now here’s where Ms. Carly gets angry:

1. Cargo Pocket Button Up – It looked like absolute shit when I pulled it out of the packaging. It was all wrinkled, but I didn’t care. I tried it on and I was right, it was absolute shit. It was basically see through because there was nothing to it and the way it folds over looks just weird. I’m not sure if it’s my body shape or something, but it’s extremely unflattering to me and just made me look boxy. I was really upset because I am losing weight and I should feel confident about myself and this shirt made me feel really crappy about how I looked.

2. Crochet Trim Peasant Top (White) – Now, I was a little iffy about this shirt when I bought it first. But, I tried to stay positive, so I bought it. The top part of it actually looked really cute, but it was the whole fold over thing that just looked weird on me. And again, it was basically see through because of the lack of material to it.

And I know, I know. I PAID cheap money for this. But I just feel like it was completely unflattering. Grant it, it looks nice on the XS model, but think about the regular plus sized girl. who doesn’t look good in everything she wears. I feel like all the clothes look perfect on the model when in reality, they’re actually shitty clothes that don’t look good on people normally. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had positive experiences buying from Forever 21. I give them credit when credit is due, but this was so disappointing. I was SO excited, I thought it was going to look great and I just feel fat and ugly now.

Clothes shouldn’t make you feel fat and ugly. And it sucks that I now have to spend like 8 bucks on shipping because Forever 21+ creates crappy clothes. Rant is over. Sorry.


My Lovely Readers,

I am sorry for not posting lately. It was really hard to get back into the swing of things this semester. It’s been really hectic and honestly, I cannot wait to finish up this semester. I’m taking 19.5 credits and  am basically dying, so just bear with me if I don’t post as much as I should be.

Any who, exciting news of the day… I’M ON A DIET. A real diet that I promise to keep through with because 1. it’s good for me and 2. I’m paying for it. What diet do you think I’m on right now?

Take a guess…

Weight Watchers! I’ve never truly been on Weight Watchers before. I used to cheat the system; I had my friend give me some of their old books and I would just do everything, just not go to the meetings. Now, I decided to pay the $40 a month and am officially on Weight Watchers, meetings and all!

Let me tell you, I really enjoy this diet! It’s been two weeks and I’ve lost 4.4 lbs already! Speaking of a diet, I’m about to run to the dining hall. I’ll do a post tomorrow, hopefully! 🙂


Holiday Diet: Day 17-19 (these are my confessions..)

Okay, time to fess up about these past couple of days. I’m not going to lie, finals week is a lot more stressful than I expected. As a result, my diet has gone to the shits. I haven’t been focusing on eating well and as a result of my poor diet, I feel like a hot mess.

I’m really sorry and would like to say I will get back to my diet, but let’s be honest.. finals end on Wednesday and then I go home. I’m thinking a possible New Years Diet? I feel like at home I can control my diet better because simply, I won’t be so stressed out.

I feel reeeeaaaaallylyyy bad. And I know that I’m just screwing myself over by giving up on this diet. So.. I’ll get back to fashion posts soon enough. I’m really sorry. I love you all. Don’t hate me.


Holiday Diet: Days 8-16

Wow, has it been that long since I posted? Regardless of the time that I’ve been absent, I’d like to say I’m sorry. It’s been extremely hectic and when I think about what my priorities in life are, this blog (unfortunately) isn’t a top priority. So with the last week of classes and finals and all that jazz, I’ve been having a lot of time balancing everything. But I’m here now, joy!

I’m not going to do the day by day diet plan because that’s just silly. It’d be a lot of boring information. If you want to know great recipes or something, you can just email me and I’ll give you some good links. Anywho, I’ve tried to be healthy and it’s been a lot harder than I think. When it comes between waiting six minutes on line to get a healthy meal versus getting something unhealthy at the dining hall, I’ve been getting the unhealthy stuff. Every minute that I don’t spend working seems like it’s a waste to me. Grant it, my diet hasn’t been too great lately, but it’s not completely horrible. Although I did eat macaroni the other night, it was in moderation. And I didn’t drink over the weekend again either.

I know it may seem like I’m cheating; but in my eyes, I’m still eating much more healthier than I used to. Right now, I’m sitting in the dining hall. Instead of eating the chicken fingers and french fries and french toast and new england clam chowder soup, I am eating a BLT Panini. Now, it’s not as bad as you think. I have turkey bacon on it (which is a GREAT substitution for real bacon) and there’s light mayo on it. I made sure that it had extra tomatoes and lettuce because I would rather be full off of vegetables than eating that and still being hungry and going back on line and getting french fries.

I really am sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’m trying to balance out my life, but everything is due at once and this isn’t as important. I’m really sorry and I hope you all are continuing on your diets! I’ll start posting a lot again probably around Wednesday. So bear with me for now until my life calms down.

If you ever need any diet advice or someone to just talk to while you watch your friends eat cookies, you’re more than welcome to email me. Hope you’re all having a great holiday season! xoxo

Holiday Diet: Day 7 (Don’t Get Mad)

Okay, I’m mentally preparing myself for you guys all to jump at me after this post. It’s officially been a week since I started my diet.. wow, have I been starving for THAT long? Lolz, kidding. Anywho.. here’s what I ate for the day.

Breakfast: Grande Nonfat Caramel Macchiato, xoxo

Lunch: French Dip Sandwich from the dining hall. Before you guys yell at me, I didn’t even eat that much of it. I didn’t eat any of the meat part, so I just had the bread and the cheese. But overall, the little sign said it was 240 calories and 8 grams of fat. If I subtract the meat, that’s probably a little healthier, right? And because salads are starting to get me annoyed, I went and got a little fruit salad which was AMAZING. Except for the fact that I had so many pineapples in my cup that it started to burn my tongue and my tongue was numb all day, haha. Still kind of it. Here’s a recipe for a healthy French Dip Sandwich.

Dinner: Okay, here’s where I’m prepared for you all to freak out on me. I just checked the dining hall website and today they are serving my favorite thing ever.. macaroni and cheese. The dining hall mac and cheese is my favorite thing ever and I literally look forward to this day every week. I’m warning you all, I’m going to eat it. However, I’m going to moderate my portion. Instead of putting ten pounds of macaroni and cheese on my plate, I’m going to do like a palm size full of it. Therefore, I can still indulge in my mac and cheese while at the same time, I won’t regret it as badly.

I’m also planning on bringing a little baggy to hold some fruit salad so I can have some tonight. My roommates have been eating their late night snacks and I’m not going to lie, it’s really tempting to eat cheeze-its or make popcorn while we’re doing homework at like 11:30pm. Last night, I snacked on my banana and it was okay. But bananas bore me after like 3 bites. So, I’m going to try and vary everything by eating like mixed fruits tonight!

Anyways, not as bad as a post as I was planning on writing. I thought over what the cause and effects of eating a lot of macaroni and cheese and decided to just go for a small portion. If I can make this decision, I really am hoping that none of you are cheating on your diets! Remember, the only one you’re cheating is yourself! xoxo

Holiday Diet: Day 6

So, today was just like every other day on my diet. I haven’t been feeling well lately, so I haven’t really been eating too much.

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla from the dining hall. Okay, don’t go gasping and yelling at me. It was 200 calories and 6 grams of fat, according to the little sign next to the station. Here’s a decent recipe, it’s a little more calories and fat probably because it’s a bigger serving. Just remember, be cautious of how much you’re eating. Buy fat free sour cream instead, put lots of vegetables on there. I’d rather eat lots of tomatoes and onions and junk on my quesadilla, then get full of that rather than eating a full quesadilla filled with cheese and crap. I didn’t have salad either, I just wasn’t in the mood to eat really.

Dinner: Pesto flatbread with tomatoes and cheese. This is a healthy recipe also. I, again, didn’t have salad. I was too lazy to go to the salad station. I’m so tired and worn out from being sick that I can’t do anything. I’m like dying. It sucks.

However, I did manage to steal three bananas from the dining hall. Bananas are good because they help reduce stress (at least that’s what my friends tell me) and they’re perfect for these next couple of weeks. Finals kills most college students, so eating something filling and healthy like a banana is perfect! And if bananas aren’t your cup of tea, I understand. They’re kind of boring. Try eating them with a little bit of peanut butter or nutella. I’d say peanut butter is better, but nutella is fine too. Just make sure it’s a SMALL portion. Don’t go eating nutella and a banana. The nutella or peanut butter is supposed to compliment your banana, not cover the taste. 😉

I didn’t work out today because I just want to kill myself. I hope dayquil and nyquil don’t have calories in it because my diet will be screwed. I’m going to take more dayquil now, lol. I promise I’ll have better posts later, I just can’t focus, lol. xoxo

Holiday Diet: Days 4 and 5

Sorry for the lack of posts on the weekend, I use the weekend to just sleep my life away. Anyway, for Sunday’s diet consisted of:

Breakfast: I slept late, so I just had a late lunch 

Lunch: A salad and some soup.

Dinner: My roomies and I ordered chinese food to prepare ourselves for the next death week. Grant it, chinese is really unhealthy and I wasn’t too great with my ordering. I ordered Sesame Chicken. But I didn’t eat a lot of the chicken, I ate the broccoli, some chicken, and the rice. Remember, brown rice is always better than white! And NEVER ordered fried rice. You might as well just order french fries. I saved a lot of my sesame chicken so during the week, I can eat a little of it whenever I’m hungry. And it’s getting cold up here at IC, so I won’t have to go to the dining hall one of these days when I eat!

Remember, if you want to order something unhealthy, just remind yourself to not go overboard. Create portions for yourself and stick to them! Most of the time, you’ll just be guilty of eating so much.

Today’s diet consisted of:

Breakfast: Egg white omelette

Lunch: Skipped it because I felt sick

Dinner: Rice, macaroni, and salad. The macaroni was in a small portion. Grant it, I’m on a diet. But I shouldn’t starve myself.

Despite being in the dining hall where everything is served buffet-style, I am still able to make somewhat good choices. Just remember to think about everything you’re eating. Look at all the possible options. I know that eating chicken nuggets would be AMAZING, but what’s worth it in the long run? Hate to be so pessimistic, but would you rather die at a younger age being unhealthy and overweight? Or would you rather live a longer age, be healthy, and not be self-conscious of yourself all the time? That’s how I think of it.

I want to be skinnier to have a boyfriend, I want guys to be attracted to me and see that my personality is actually good. Everyone deserves to be in love, but not many guys will give me the time of day because of my size. So I’m trying to lose the weight to not only truly love myself, but have someone else love me as well. So sentimental, lol.

Comment if you want! xoxo