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OOTD: :)

So here are picture from my friend’s birthday party two weeks ago. I got this shirt at Forever 21, it’s called the Sheer Button Up Top. Online, they only have it in black currently but let me tell you, it’s ADORABLE in the white. Like seriously, I loved this outfit. I got so many compliments from my friends. I love the way it flares out at the side (you can see it in the first and last picture).

My one complaint is the way it gets longer at the back. I mean, this is more of a personal problem. I only had one cami and it was a lot longer than the front of the shirt. It’s hard to explain, but I folded my cami so it was shorter. It’s just that when I wear the cami at it’s regular length, it was longer than the shirt in the front. I really can’t explain this, lol. So my one piece of advice would be to make sure you have a shorter cami to wear under it because it’s see through, obviously.

I wore this shirt with a CC cami underneath, then I wore dangly earrings (they broke, so I don’t have a picture of them), an Anne Klein watch (the one I wanted for xmas!), and the necklace was from Urban Outfitters. I paired it with guess what, my black Bandolino boots. A better idea would have been to wear my brown boots, but they have heels on them and since I walked to my friend’s house, I didn’t want to wear heels lol. I also wore a brown headband with it. Oh! And CC jeans.

I really like this shirt. I wore it two nights ago too when I went to the city. It’s more of the kind of shirt you wear going out. It’s a cute shirt, but seems a little dressed up in my opinion for class or something. I also think it needs to be accessorized in order for it to work really well. I also unbuttoned my first two buttons so that the cami showed over the top. When it’s buttoned all the way, it’s kind of blah in my opinion.

Yay! Comments? xoxo


OOTD: Cuteness :)

Let’s be honest for a second, I haven’t done anything really this break. I’ve done lots of practicing and cleaning the house. For instance, it’s almost 5pm and I’m still in my pajamas. I really need a life. As a result, I am forced to go through old facebook pictures to make postings on here.

So here was an outfit that I wore one day for classes. I then was busy and had to go to a concert in the music school and by the time I got home, everyone was going out. So instead of spending a billion years to plan an outfit, I just blinged it up a little bit. I put on a long dangly necklace (it’s hard to tell, but ti’s the gold and black necklace on the right) and then I threw a leather jacket over it. The jeans are from City Chic, boots are Bandolino, and the shirt is CC also. The Puff Elbow Sleeve Top is ADORABLE. I wish you all could see the design on the shoulders, but this guy’s hand is on my shoulder haha.

I seriously love this shirt though. It fits extremely well and the shirt is in a bunch of designs, I already purchased the shirt in black, the gray hearts, the polka dots, and the white bows. Lucky for me, I bought it when it was 60% off, so I went a little crazy. This shirt is perfect for wearing casual for classes, but can be dressed up just as easy. 🙂 🙂

Happy New Year! 2k12!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all are home safe and have recovered from your hangovers!

So for once in all my history of blogging, I’m going to post myself wearing an outfit that I actually wore for the day. Well, I wore it last night. I wish I had better pictures in the outfit, but I left my camera at school. Sorry! Well, I’m going to make a post about my shopping adventures from a couple days ago probably like tomorrow, so I’ll save you the story. But basically, I got this shirt from Torrid, haha.

Now, I REALLY love this shirt. It’s so cute and doesn’t involve a lot to put together. I got this shirt from Torrid. Now, I only have like one complain about my shirt. And it’s my fault. I’m kind of in between sizes right now at Torrid because I lost weight while at school. So like size 2 is too big on me in this shirt, it bags way too much in the stomach area, but fits well around my chest. The size 1 fits around my stomach well, but it’s a little small on my chest. So my ta-tas are out like cray.

And when I say cray, I mean CRAY. I decided not to be so boring looking by wearing a black tank under it, so I wore a magenta one that I got from a CC shirt I bought a while back. It added a nice bit of color and I was able to wear pink and gold dangly earrings to kind of sparkle it up a little.

I try to shy away from black because I used to ALWAYS wear black. We all know that black is that go to color for us girls, but I want to wear something fun. I hate that I used to look like I was going to a funeral everyday. But I let go of my guard and bought this shirt and I’m really happy I did. I just need to work out a little more and get a smaller in the boobage area.

I paired it with CC jeans and bandolino black boots. It was cute and not hard to prepare for. I did have trouble for a while trying to accessorize it, but I just kept it simple.

Any who, I’ll see you all later! Enjoy the post and happy new year! xoxo

It’s been a while..

Merry Post Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Post Kwanzaa! ..is hanukkah still going on?

Anyways, I’m sorry for the lack of posts. But I’m back. I promise. If not, you’re more than welcome to send me hate mail: fashiondatfits@yahoo.com. 😉

Now to the pics:

Okay, I went to a frat this night. I wore City Chic dark skinny jeans. My shirt was from City Chic as well. The cardigan was from Torrid. And I wore uggs from Target. The earrings were from Forever 21. The cardigan was from about two years ago and I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the cutest pieces of clothing I have. Whenever I wear it, people are ALWAYS complimenting me. I wish I could show you a better, close up version of the design, but I left my camera at school and it’s not on the site anymore.

To be honest, my cardigan reminds me of a vera bradley design. It has that cute design with adorable colors and everything, you know? And my shirt, I really like it but I HATE the color of it. When I saw the CC shirt online, I thought it was white. But it’s more of a cream color so it kind of looks like a washed out white whenever I wear it. So my mom always tells me to throw it out, but I like the shirt too much to throw it out. CC jeans are amazing, enough said. I just ordered two more pairs because they’re on sale right now.

This outfit is perfect for anything. I was in a rush, so I just wore what I wore that day out that night. It’s cute, comfortable, and adorable. A+

I’ll be posting more, promise. Comments? xoxo

Holiday Diet: Day 17-19 (these are my confessions..)

Okay, time to fess up about these past couple of days. I’m not going to lie, finals week is a lot more stressful than I expected. As a result, my diet has gone to the shits. I haven’t been focusing on eating well and as a result of my poor diet, I feel like a hot mess.

I’m really sorry and would like to say I will get back to my diet, but let’s be honest.. finals end on Wednesday and then I go home. I’m thinking a possible New Years Diet? I feel like at home I can control my diet better because simply, I won’t be so stressed out.

I feel reeeeaaaaallylyyy bad. And I know that I’m just screwing myself over by giving up on this diet. So.. I’ll get back to fashion posts soon enough. I’m really sorry. I love you all. Don’t hate me.


City Chic Purchase Review

Okay, so I went on a shopping craze on Cyber Monday, buying 200 dollars worth of City Chic items. Because of their sale, I was able to purchase 11 items. HOW CRAZY? City Chic’s prices are normally pretty expensive (at least for a college student), so I was able to buy 6 shirts, 2 camis, 1 jacket, 1 pair of jeans, and a pair of leggings. Come on, that’s crazy. That’s like buying from Forever 21, except you’re getting free shipping AND better quality clothes.

I didn’t know if I really have lost that much weight in the past week, but all of my clothes were SO BIG on me. I didn’t get it. I’m normally a size small at City Chic and fit into a size 18 pants. And normally, my City Chic shirts are on the smaller size. Like they fit well, but they’re kind of tight and I always wear it first in my dorm to stretch it out a little before actually going out in the outfit.

Here are some of the shirts I bought:

  • Glitter Chiffon Top:  It was simply too big for me. Normally, I’d get over bigger clothes and keep them just incase. However because of the cut, it made me look frumpy. I’m also not really a fan of flutter sleeves. I like my shoulders covered. The design was weird, but unique and cute.
  • Suedette Frill Top: Again, too big. The straps weren’t adjustable, so my bra was constantly showing. It felt amazing though! The first thing I did when I pulled it out of the bag was touch it for like 5 minutes, haha. It was just really baggy.
  • Peacock Feather Top: I wanted this shirt so I could wear it with all my new feather earrings I just bought. I thought it would be the ultimate artsy outfit. But again, it was way too big. It was baggy around my stomach and was really long on me. The design was cool though and the peacock detail really sticks out!
  • Puff Elbow Sleeve Top: Literally, my favorite shirt ever. I bought 3 of these shirts. One in black, one in the gray heart design, and another in the bow print. They all look amazing! I am keeping the black and gray one and am returning the bow print. The bow print had a little too much going on for me. But I really want the white polka dot shirt! 🙂
  • Pleather Biker Jacket: I don’t know what CC has against me and their jackets, but none of them ever fit. I first ordered a leather jacket in a small and it didn’t work, at all. Like I had trouble putting my arm in it and gave up after 5 minutes. So then when I bought this leather jacket, I made sure to get a medium and STILL, it doesn’t fit. Like it was nowhere near close even zipping. I don’t know, I’ve given up on CC jackets. Like do I really have to order 2 sizes up for a jacket? I was only wearing a cami too when I tried on the jacket.
  • I also bought a pair of leggings and they fit fine. Wish they were a little thicker, but they were on sale for 6 dollars so I shouldn’t complain. The jeans I bought were amazing. I ADORE CC denim. Wish i could buy their whole store’s denim.

To be honest, I’ve really never had a problem with CC purchases. Everything’s always fit and I’ve never really had to do returns. But I had to return 5 items today. I don’t think it was CC’s stylist’s faults, the cut and everything works well on the model. I just don’t understand why it didn’t fit me. Let’s just say that I went down a size 😉

Anywho, comments? xoxo


Again, not the outfit I’m wearing right now but who really cares? Okay, this dress is from City Chic. I’ve worn it to a bunch of occasions: the band banquet,graduation, grad parties, the list goes on and on… It has to be one of my favorite dresses ever; it looks a little wrinkled here, but that was before I ironed it.

The royal blue is GORGEOUS, CC has a great color scheme going on for them; they always have adorable colored clothes and when they offer something colorful, the color truly shines. I was wearing a magenta shirt today and got so many compliments because it was so rich and beautiful. Seriously, best color choices ever on CC’s part. Luckily for all of us, they offer this dress in royal blue, magenta, and cheetah print. If I could, I’d buy them all. They make such great dresses and you can dress them up and down so easily.

Because this was my graduation, I had to dress it up a little. So I wore my Fergie heels. I wore pretty silver costume earrings with it and a costume bracelet. It’s not seen here, sorry!

I know I seem to always be complimenting City Chic, but I absolutely love them. They are my favorite plus size retailer and without them, I don’t know what my wardrobe would look like. I go to them for EVERYTHING now. I wish I shopped around more using the other teen/young adult plus size retailers (Torrid, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Loop 18, etc. etc.), but do you know how you feel once you find that really good clothing store? After you go there, no other store compares. So really, I’m sorry that I can’t give you outfit posts of clothes consisting of other stores, but I love City Chic beyond words.

If you have the money to buy clothes, do so. I was lucky enough to be part of their Blogger Lookbook and got a sincerely beautiful amount of store credit that I used to buy a lot of their clothes. Oh, disclaimer: I’m not just saying these things because they gave me money to buy clothes, I truly feel this way. I mean, if CC didn’t give me money, I probably would have never made a purchase from them. But I’m truly thankful. I love their clothes. Want 30% off from City Chic whenever you make a purchase? Use coupon code 3ON3W at checkout (I use this every time I make a purchase, lol).

Comments? Enjoy! xoxo