Forever 21+ Success

If you read my last post, you’d see that I had some trouble when shopping at the Forever 21 on Long Island. But I still had some hope left in me when I went to NYC, which is like one of the bigger Forever 21 stores ever. Incase you were wondering where it is, it’s in the middle of Times Square and it is HUMONGOUS. It is four floors, YES I SAID IT.. FOUR FLOORS of adorable clothing at a cheap price. I love it.

So, I went to the plus size section and it was alright. First of all, I wish it was a little bigger. I know it “technically” is still a new business venture of Forever 21, but I wish it was bigger. It took up about I’d say 1/6 of the third floor. The floors are big, I’d just like to see more of a selection. I’m going to stop bitching now, let’s get to the review of my shopping day experience.

So I’ve been DYING for a blazer, I got money from my mom’s boyfriend for a blazer and when I shopped at Torrid, I couldn’t find any blazers that looked good. I always have trouble with jackets and stuff for some reason, City Chic jackets never worked and Torrid’s were always a little weird on me. And I know Forever 21 has some cute blazers, so I first started trying the blazers on. They fit pretty well, but the problem was that the sleeves were too long. And even when I rolled up the sleeves on the blazer, it just didn’t look that good. It was really upsetting, but I persevered, knowing that I had to find something cute there. I couldn’t give up hope over something silly like a blazer.

So my mom and I shopped around the section. I learned that at Forever 21, you have to do A LOT of digging around. The store is messy and there’s always like clothes packed on the racks. When you grab one shirt, three other shirts fall off and it’s just really frustrating to shop there. But luckily, I was able to find a couple of cute items that I’m really happy about.

First, I found this amazing Red Fleece Jacket. The jacket also comes with a hoodie in gray which adds a cute touch. I can’t wait to take a picture wearing it because it seriously is so much cuter in person than it is online. It’s not that heavy though, but I’m not expecting it to be at the price. The only complaint I really have is that it has a deep v-neck when it’s buttoned. So you basically always have to wear a scarf with it. But it’s really cute and it looks a lot more elegant than a 30 dollar purchase. A++++++ So happy with this purchase.

I really love one of my sweaters that I got from Forever 21 over the summer, it was really comfortable and cute, so I was looking for another one. I luckily found this shirt, the Heathered Crochet Bib Top. It’s really cute and is perfect just to wear with jeans. I really like it because it’s nice enough to wear to something nice, but makes a quick easy outfit that’s not only cute, but comfortable to wear. A-

The last thing I got as was the Striped Bow Swing Tank. This shirt is SUCH a steal! It is a cute shirt and was only $8.80. Like I would buy any shirt despite what it looked like as long as it fit for that price. It’s really cute with the bow and sits well. I feel like it’d be a perfect shirt for when it gets hotter. I also was trying it on and put a jacket over it and it also looked good. A

The last thing I got is my favorite shirt ever. Although it hasn’t been posted on the F21 website yet, this is the closest thing I could find. The Eyelet Back Blouse is really similar to it. The only difference is that the shirt has a cream/see through color to it and there is like a racerback design on the back of it. It seriously though is one of my favorite shirts I’ve ever gotten. I wore it out the other night and got SO MANY compliments on it. Especially when it’s paired with great accessories. I was trying it on in the changing rooms or whatever it’s called and couldn’t stop smiling once I put it on. It looks exactly like something my friends would wear. I’ve always complained that I just want to look like all other girls my age, so it was really nice to do that. A++++++++++++ A+++++++

Let’s not get ahead of ourself, last time I bought like 50 shirts and was head over heels in love with Forever 21. I got a couple of items, my total was 66 bucks (which was lovely), but I just wish there was more of a selection. F21 clearly has a great design team because so many people shop there to begin with. I just wish they would get the designers that make clothes for the skinnier people to get clothes to make for us.

Anyways, comments are always appreciative. xoxo


Forever 21+ Fail

My older brother’s girlfriend gave me a Forever 21 gift card for Christmas. So my mom and I decided to venture out a couple days after Christmas and went shopping to get me some cute plus sized clothes. I’ve only gone to the Forever 21+ in NYC and last time I went, I bought so many clothes and they were all cute! So my mom and I drove like a billion miles to the only mall on LI that had a Forever 21+. And once we got there, let me tell you how absolutely PISSED I am at Forever 21.

First off, the store was a MESS. Grant it, F21 is always a mess because it’s F21. Bu this time it was a caps lock mess, which is extremely messy. Once I walked into the plus size section, I automatically got a headache and had to mentally prepare myself for the digging that was about to occur.

As I browsed for about an hour through EVERY SINGLE rack of clothing, I came up with nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was such a disappointment. All the clothes were boring as hell. Just bland t-shirt and lots of dresses. I understand that New Years Eve was a couple days away (from the time I went shopping), but it was like a couple of shirts and a billion dresses.

It was really such a disgrace. I made my mom drive 45 minutes to go to a crappy ass F21. It was messy and all the clothes were boring and crappy. Grant it, we all know that the materials are crappy. But there was ONE jacket that was adorable that was in my size and guess what? The zipper was broken off of it. It’s just really depressing.

However, I’m going to NYC tomorrow and will be hoping that my gift card will be put to good use. If F21+ sucks, I’m going to buy scarves and lots and lots of earrings and necklaces lol. But anyways, quick post. See you all later this week! xoxo

Happy New Year! 2k12!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all are home safe and have recovered from your hangovers!

So for once in all my history of blogging, I’m going to post myself wearing an outfit that I actually wore for the day. Well, I wore it last night. I wish I had better pictures in the outfit, but I left my camera at school. Sorry! Well, I’m going to make a post about my shopping adventures from a couple days ago probably like tomorrow, so I’ll save you the story. But basically, I got this shirt from Torrid, haha.

Now, I REALLY love this shirt. It’s so cute and doesn’t involve a lot to put together. I got this shirt from Torrid. Now, I only have like one complain about my shirt. And it’s my fault. I’m kind of in between sizes right now at Torrid because I lost weight while at school. So like size 2 is too big on me in this shirt, it bags way too much in the stomach area, but fits well around my chest. The size 1 fits around my stomach well, but it’s a little small on my chest. So my ta-tas are out like cray.

And when I say cray, I mean CRAY. I decided not to be so boring looking by wearing a black tank under it, so I wore a magenta one that I got from a CC shirt I bought a while back. It added a nice bit of color and I was able to wear pink and gold dangly earrings to kind of sparkle it up a little.

I try to shy away from black because I used to ALWAYS wear black. We all know that black is that go to color for us girls, but I want to wear something fun. I hate that I used to look like I was going to a funeral everyday. But I let go of my guard and bought this shirt and I’m really happy I did. I just need to work out a little more and get a smaller in the boobage area.

I paired it with CC jeans and bandolino black boots. It was cute and not hard to prepare for. I did have trouble for a while trying to accessorize it, but I just kept it simple.

Any who, I’ll see you all later! Enjoy the post and happy new year! xoxo

It’s been a while..

Merry Post Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Post Kwanzaa! hanukkah still going on?

Anyways, I’m sorry for the lack of posts. But I’m back. I promise. If not, you’re more than welcome to send me hate mail: 😉

Now to the pics:

Okay, I went to a frat this night. I wore City Chic dark skinny jeans. My shirt was from City Chic as well. The cardigan was from Torrid. And I wore uggs from Target. The earrings were from Forever 21. The cardigan was from about two years ago and I’m not going to lie, it’s one of the cutest pieces of clothing I have. Whenever I wear it, people are ALWAYS complimenting me. I wish I could show you a better, close up version of the design, but I left my camera at school and it’s not on the site anymore.

To be honest, my cardigan reminds me of a vera bradley design. It has that cute design with adorable colors and everything, you know? And my shirt, I really like it but I HATE the color of it. When I saw the CC shirt online, I thought it was white. But it’s more of a cream color so it kind of looks like a washed out white whenever I wear it. So my mom always tells me to throw it out, but I like the shirt too much to throw it out. CC jeans are amazing, enough said. I just ordered two more pairs because they’re on sale right now.

This outfit is perfect for anything. I was in a rush, so I just wore what I wore that day out that night. It’s cute, comfortable, and adorable. A+

I’ll be posting more, promise. Comments? xoxo

Holiday Diet: Day 17-19 (these are my confessions..)

Okay, time to fess up about these past couple of days. I’m not going to lie, finals week is a lot more stressful than I expected. As a result, my diet has gone to the shits. I haven’t been focusing on eating well and as a result of my poor diet, I feel like a hot mess.

I’m really sorry and would like to say I will get back to my diet, but let’s be honest.. finals end on Wednesday and then I go home. I’m thinking a possible New Years Diet? I feel like at home I can control my diet better because simply, I won’t be so stressed out.

I feel reeeeaaaaallylyyy bad. And I know that I’m just screwing myself over by giving up on this diet. So.. I’ll get back to fashion posts soon enough. I’m really sorry. I love you all. Don’t hate me.


Holiday Diet: Days 8-16

Wow, has it been that long since I posted? Regardless of the time that I’ve been absent, I’d like to say I’m sorry. It’s been extremely hectic and when I think about what my priorities in life are, this blog (unfortunately) isn’t a top priority. So with the last week of classes and finals and all that jazz, I’ve been having a lot of time balancing everything. But I’m here now, joy!

I’m not going to do the day by day diet plan because that’s just silly. It’d be a lot of boring information. If you want to know great recipes or something, you can just email me and I’ll give you some good links. Anywho, I’ve tried to be healthy and it’s been a lot harder than I think. When it comes between waiting six minutes on line to get a healthy meal versus getting something unhealthy at the dining hall, I’ve been getting the unhealthy stuff. Every minute that I don’t spend working seems like it’s a waste to me. Grant it, my diet hasn’t been too great lately, but it’s not completely horrible. Although I did eat macaroni the other night, it was in moderation. And I didn’t drink over the weekend again either.

I know it may seem like I’m cheating; but in my eyes, I’m still eating much more healthier than I used to. Right now, I’m sitting in the dining hall. Instead of eating the chicken fingers and french fries and french toast and new england clam chowder soup, I am eating a BLT Panini. Now, it’s not as bad as you think. I have turkey bacon on it (which is a GREAT substitution for real bacon) and there’s light mayo on it. I made sure that it had extra tomatoes and lettuce because I would rather be full off of vegetables than eating that and still being hungry and going back on line and getting french fries.

I really am sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’m trying to balance out my life, but everything is due at once and this isn’t as important. I’m really sorry and I hope you all are continuing on your diets! I’ll start posting a lot again probably around Wednesday. So bear with me for now until my life calms down.

If you ever need any diet advice or someone to just talk to while you watch your friends eat cookies, you’re more than welcome to email me. Hope you’re all having a great holiday season! xoxo

Holiday Diet: Day 7 (Don’t Get Mad)

Okay, I’m mentally preparing myself for you guys all to jump at me after this post. It’s officially been a week since I started my diet.. wow, have I been starving for THAT long? Lolz, kidding. Anywho.. here’s what I ate for the day.

Breakfast: Grande Nonfat Caramel Macchiato, xoxo

Lunch: French Dip Sandwich from the dining hall. Before you guys yell at me, I didn’t even eat that much of it. I didn’t eat any of the meat part, so I just had the bread and the cheese. But overall, the little sign said it was 240 calories and 8 grams of fat. If I subtract the meat, that’s probably a little healthier, right? And because salads are starting to get me annoyed, I went and got a little fruit salad which was AMAZING. Except for the fact that I had so many pineapples in my cup that it started to burn my tongue and my tongue was numb all day, haha. Still kind of it. Here’s a recipe for a healthy French Dip Sandwich.

Dinner: Okay, here’s where I’m prepared for you all to freak out on me. I just checked the dining hall website and today they are serving my favorite thing ever.. macaroni and cheese. The dining hall mac and cheese is my favorite thing ever and I literally look forward to this day every week. I’m warning you all, I’m going to eat it. However, I’m going to moderate my portion. Instead of putting ten pounds of macaroni and cheese on my plate, I’m going to do like a palm size full of it. Therefore, I can still indulge in my mac and cheese while at the same time, I won’t regret it as badly.

I’m also planning on bringing a little baggy to hold some fruit salad so I can have some tonight. My roommates have been eating their late night snacks and I’m not going to lie, it’s really tempting to eat cheeze-its or make popcorn while we’re doing homework at like 11:30pm. Last night, I snacked on my banana and it was okay. But bananas bore me after like 3 bites. So, I’m going to try and vary everything by eating like mixed fruits tonight!

Anyways, not as bad as a post as I was planning on writing. I thought over what the cause and effects of eating a lot of macaroni and cheese and decided to just go for a small portion. If I can make this decision, I really am hoping that none of you are cheating on your diets! Remember, the only one you’re cheating is yourself! xoxo