Selling Some of My Old Clothes

Hey everyone,

I’ve lost some weight recently (I’ll post about it soon!) and some of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Since I REALLY need new clothes because my clothes are all big now, I’m selling some shirts. I’ll be adding more and more to it every so often. But I have like no money to buy clothes, so this is my only hope, haha.

If you guys want me to send you pictures of me wearing some of the pieces, just message me and I’ll be glad to! Please, seriously check them out. I really am dying here on money, lol.

Thanks and check it out!


Christmas Wish List 2k11

Trying to decide what I want for Christmas this year is extremely tough. There’s a certain amount of money my mom spends each year, so I don’t want to get my hopes up by asking for too much, but I still want a lot of things, lol.

My list is kind of pathetic, but that’s all I can think of right now. It’s sad because we all know the day after Christmas, I’ll come up with about thirty necessities I need and won’t be able to get them because my mom just spent mad paper on my Christmas gifts. Lol.


What’s on your Christmas list? Comment, I’m interested. I need more ideas too for my list! Happy Holidays! xoxo

Black Friday Weekend Deals

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I’m not a fan of turkey or football, so I’d rather scratch my eyes out than  go to a Thanksgiving dinner. Which basically leads to what I did on Thursday while my family watched football, I went on every plus size website I could think of, trying to find deals.

I give extreme kudos to City Chic. CC’s prices are pretty expensive, in my opinion, but they always have great sales. Right now, they are giving 60% off SITE WIDE. For an example of how great their deal is, they have a leather jacket worth $109.00 dollars and now, it’s only $43.60. And they have adorable clothes; by far my favorite plus size store.

Another great store we’ve all know and love is Torrid. Torrid doesn’t have as great of a deal, but I’ll take any sale I can get. All of their clearance items are 50% off! Just remember though, there aren’t any returns on their clearance items; so I’d go to the store and buy your clearance stuff. Their Black Friday weekend deal is that for all the money you spend, the more money you get off. Spend $100, get $25 off. Spend $150, get $50 off. Spend $300, get $100 off!

Forever 21+ has some of their own deals as well. Forever 21 is basically like a sale everyday. So, their sale isn’t as big as the City Chic one, but it’s still great in it’s own way. They have a lot of buy one, get one free tops as well as items that are on sale in general. My only complaint about Forever 21 would be the cruddy material they use; but honestly, I wouldn’t expect better material at their prices. There’s free shipping and 10% off orders over $50 dollars. Use code: F21PLUS10

Wet Seal is offering 30% off their entire site. Wet Seal’s prices to begin with are a STEAL, so this is a great deal to hit up. However, their clothing isn’t really the best looking. If they had nicer clothes, it’d be better. But they have free returns, so it’s definitely worth trying to buy.

Kiyonna is a really flashy site. It has a lot of dresses and fancy stuff; so unless you need something for a formal event, not the best place to shop. I bought an evening dress from Kiyonna for my concerts. It was a great purchase and I adore the dress; I still get compliments on it. Anywho, they are offering 30% off all orders over $100. Use coupon code: STUFFING

Anyways, good luck! If it means anything, I’m making my purchase from City Chic this weekend. Yay, 60% off!! xoxo

What I’m Thankful For This Year..

Happy late Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! During this thankful time, I’m going to rant about what I’m thankful for this year.

  • City Chic 
  • Being in college
  • Having a blog
  • Italian men
  • Riding Boots
  • Forever 21
  • Forever 21 prices
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Moccasins
  • Snooki
  • Earrings
  • Torrid
  • Black Friday Deals
  • Cute Plus Size Clothing
  • Cheetah Print
  • Apples to Apples
  • Tweeting
  • Marshall’s
  • Feathers
  • Shoes that are both cute and comfy

Quick and short list. I’m going to try and do another post later, I’m just trying to get some finishing adjustments done with the site. Enjoy! Make your own list and send me yours! I’d love to see them. xoxo

Welcome to the site!

Hey there,

My name’s Carly and I’m the owner of this site, Fashion That Fits. I had another blog under the same name, except through the website, blogger. I think wordpress looks a lot more professional, so here I am! And so begins the description/why I’m here/yada yada yada..

Fashion That Fits is a blog for plus sized young adults and teens. I’ve struggled with being overweight for my whole life and often had trouble finding clothes that fit me. Well actually, there were shirts and shorts and stuff that would fit me, but it wouldn’t necessarily be anything cute. So I often wore sweatshirts and sweats to school and always looked like crap until one day, I started finding fatshion blogs online. With this, I began to search online and find fashion that not only fit us girls, but looked decent and flattering.

Because of these bloggers, I was able to change my whole outlook on life around. I was always self-conscious when I wore sweats and just felt like a fat slob. By buying cute clothes, I was able to be a lot less shy and actually have fun because I wasn’t scared to put myself out there.

Bloggers have helped me immensely, but now when I go on their blogs, I am often upset. These girls are 5-10 years older than me and wear such complex outfits that I simply don’t feel that I can pull off at this stage in my life. I mean, I’m only 18 years old.. how many 18 year olds do you see running around in blazers, heels, crazy tights, and purple skirts while walking to class? Not many. First of all, I can’t afford half of their outfits. Most to all of the outfits I will be posting on here will be from Marshall’s and cheap websites. I’ll also be letting you all know of the amazing sales going on at various stores too because everyone loves a good sale. Second of all, I’m not mature enough to wear such elaborate outfits. I would like to see a website where a teenager posts outfits for teenagers to wear. What should I wear to go to class? What’s a good outfit to go to a party? What about prom? Etc., etc., etc. So here I am, I hope you enjoy my page! xoxo