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Again, not the outfit I’m wearing right now but who really cares? Okay, this dress is from City Chic. I’ve worn it to a bunch of occasions: the band banquet,graduation, grad parties, the list goes on and on… It has to be one of my favorite dresses ever; it looks a little wrinkled here, but that was before I ironed it.

The royal blue is GORGEOUS, CC has a great color scheme going on for them; they always have adorable colored clothes and when they offer something colorful, the color truly shines. I was wearing a magenta shirt today and got so many compliments because it was so rich and beautiful. Seriously, best color choices ever on CC’s part. Luckily for all of us, they offer this dress in royal blue, magenta, and cheetah print. If I could, I’d buy them all. They make such great dresses and you can dress them up and down so easily.

Because this was my graduation, I had to dress it up a little. So I wore my Fergie heels. I wore pretty silver costume earrings with it and a costume bracelet. It’s not seen here, sorry!

I know I seem to always be complimenting City Chic, but I absolutely love them. They are my favorite plus size retailer and without them, I don’t know what my wardrobe would look like. I go to them for EVERYTHING now. I wish I shopped around more using the other teen/young adult plus size retailers (Torrid, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Loop 18, etc. etc.), but do you know how you feel once you find that really good clothing store? After you go there, no other store compares. So really, I’m sorry that I can’t give you outfit posts of clothes consisting of other stores, but I love City Chic beyond words.

If you have the money to buy clothes, do so. I was lucky enough to be part of their Blogger Lookbook and got a sincerely beautiful amount of store credit that I used to buy a lot of their clothes. Oh, disclaimer: I’m not just saying these things because they gave me money to buy clothes, I truly feel this way. I mean, if CC didn’t give me money, I probably would have never made a purchase from them. But I’m truly thankful. I love their clothes. Want 30% off from City Chic whenever you make a purchase? Use coupon code 3ON3W at checkout (I use this every time I make a purchase, lol).

Comments? Enjoy! xoxo


Christmas Wish List 2k11

Trying to decide what I want for Christmas this year is extremely tough. There’s a certain amount of money my mom spends each year, so I don’t want to get my hopes up by asking for too much, but I still want a lot of things, lol.

My list is kind of pathetic, but that’s all I can think of right now. It’s sad because we all know the day after Christmas, I’ll come up with about thirty necessities I need and won’t be able to get them because my mom just spent mad paper on my Christmas gifts. Lol.


What’s on your Christmas list? Comment, I’m interested. I need more ideas too for my list! Happy Holidays! xoxo

Halloween Costume: Part 2

As most of you college folks know, Halloween consists of many costumes. If you’re extra crazy, you probably went out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this past Halloween. If you’re more like me, you went out Friday and Saturday and was perfectly fine, lol.

Most college girls dress in absolutely nothing and prance around like whores, claiming that they’re “bunnies” or “construction workers.” But for most plus sized girls, we can’t do this. I mean, I can wear only a bra and booty shorts and prance around in heels. But I’m pretty sure no one wants to see that haha. So Halloween is extremely tough for us girls, but we’ve managed so far. My second Halloween costume of 2011 was Snooki. Snooki is adorable. I adore her so much and am weirdly infatuated with her. Everyone tells me we look alike, so I decided to go for it! It was actually a really easy costume to pull off, haha. Here’s me and my roommates. The one on the left was a jungle child and the one on the right was Sandy from Grease.

I know it’s hard to see, but my roommate edited it, so it’s hard to see the dress’ designs. So here’s a closer picture of me and my friend, Abby, who was dressed as an 80s person, lol. I got my dress from City Chic and it is adorable. It’s just a great LBD, but the sequins on the shoulders add that extra pzazz to the dress. Of course, I needed the poof and lots of bronzer, haha.

I got the heels from Marshall’s, they were on Fergie’s shoe line about two years ago. Also, I just wore silver hoops. 🙂

Enjoy! Comments? xoxo

Halloween Costume: Part 1

Because I promised no more Forever 21 posts, I’m going to post what I wore for Halloween. I know, I know.. Halloween is far behind us as it’s finally starting to look and feel like Christmas time! But for most of you in college, we know that there are always themed parties. Whether it be “ABC (Anything But Clothes),” “dress as a celebrity,” “business bros and office hoes,” you always need to be prepared with an outfit.

Not like I’ve seen any animal themed parties, I’m just going to post one of my Halloween costumes. Although Torrid did offer a lot of Halloween costumes, I decided against purchasing from them for two reasons: 1. I don’t have enough money to spend on their costumes, especially if it’s only for only one night and 2. their costumes didn’t include any accessories, so that’d be more money to spend.

So, here’s my costume. I had ears in the beginning of the night, lost them halfway through. Then, my whiskers melted off my face because parties are so effing hot. Ugh, I hate sweating at parties.. Sorry, little rant. But yeah, I got my shirt from City Chic! Here’s the exact link for the shirt! I liked the shirt; it wasn’t my favorite purchase from City Chic, but it was still cute. Since I really needed an animal printed shirt, I just got over it and ordered it.

My sole complaint for this shirt was the puffed shoulders. I understand that they have a puff and it was included in the description, but when I compare my picture with that of the model’s on the site, her sleeves aren’t as pointy. I felt weird wearing them, but it was Halloween, everyone looked crazy anyways, so I got over it quickly haha. The best part of the shirt was that it included a black cami FOR FREE! So not only do you get a cool shirt, but a cami that you can use for other outfits. I wore this outfit with black leggings and black Torrid boots.

Despite my self-c0nsciousness of the sleeves, I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. A lot of people thought it was really cute and the sleeves were sexy. Most of the time, my hair covered the shoulders anyway so it wasn’t that bad. The shirt was true to size and really was the perfect shirt for a Halloween leopard/cheetah/whatever costume. Definitely a good purchase if you’re into the super sexy look.. and right now, the shirt is only $21 bucks because of the holiday sales at City Chic. Get it while you can!

As for accessories, I just paired it with gold and black earrings dangly earrings. And I absolutely ADORE the left picture, it’s me and the Sexy Sax Man.

Anyways, this was just a quick post. Which I could post more, but it’s late. I’ll probably will post my second Halloween costume from this year tomorrow. Can you guess what I was? I’ll give you a hint: “WAH!” I also own a stuffed crocodile toy, Crocidiley (spellcheck?!). If you can’t get that through my hints, you are socially deprived and must watch Jersey Shore. NOW.

Have a great night everyone; another post tomorrow. xoxo


OOTN: Outfit of the Night?
Because I’m trying to start getting lots of views to this site, I’m going to try and make a lot of outfit posts because I know that’s what readers look for the most. So bare with me right now, guys!

So here I show you the shirt from two different angles.. I know it’s hard to see the designs of the shirt, but they’re really cute when you get an up close picture of it. I got this shirt from Forever 21+ and I was kind of scared at first being that it’s a big kind of shirt, as in flowy, but it wasn’t a problem AT ALL. Normally, I feel like when heavier girls wear bigger shirts it just makes them seem wider, but this was actually slimming! The jeans were from Rainbow and because of the designs in the shirt, I just paired it with a cute pair of blue earrings. 🙂 This outfit is perfect for either going to class or going to a party. It’s really versatile. My only warning is to try not to wear it with shorts; I did over the summer and it just looks kind of weird because the shirt is so long. It’s like the shirt ends and then there’s like an inch of jean shorts, it’s just weird, lol.



Leave comments, please! I’d love to hear from you. And I swear, next post won’t be clothes from Forever 21!


Yet another OOTD

Despite my promise, I’m making another Forever 21 post. I’m sorry. I SINCERELY PROMISE the next post won’t be from Forever 21. It’s just those are the pictures on my camera right now, so I’m trying to get them all deleted, lol.

Anywho, this sweatshirt is my favorite sweater ever. It’s lightweight so it’s perfect for going to class (that’s my main use for it), but it also is really comfortable. So when I wake up later than usual and I’m trying to get dressed for class, I always throw this on with some jeans and boots and I’m out the door. Also, I wear this on the weekends when I go to the dining hall. I’m always tired after Friday and Saturday night and instead of throwing on sweats, I normally wear this and can still look somewhat presentable, lol.

Whether it be paired with jeans or shorts, it always creates a great look. The jewels and bow allow for no crazy accessorizing, but I just paired some flashy earrings with it because I really like those earrings, lol.

My one complaint about this sweater is that it is made really cruddy. Well, not cruddy.. none of the beeds have fallen off it yet (as I knock on wood); but, it wrinkles EXTREMELY easily. I have taken it out of the dryer and hung it up RIGHT AFTER and it always looks horrible. Luckily, I have Downy wrinkle releaser spray that I spray it with every time I wear it. But after the first wash, it started looking worse and worse. And now since I’ve worn it a lot, it is getting on the yucky side. But I am just going to keep spraying my wrinkles away and wearing it until I die. It’s super adorable and affordable, so I’m probably going to stock up on some more Forever 21 sweaters while I can.. and you should too! xoxo


First OOTD post on my new site! How exciting!

Technically it’s not an OOTD because I’m not wearing the outfit that I will be posting today. I’m taking a road trip back up to my college, so I’m wearing City Chic jeans and my graduating t-shirt with some fake uggs. Instead, I’ll be posting a picture I took over the summer that I never got time to posting. If it was 80 degrees outside and sunny, this would be a great outfit. Because it’s late fall, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this.. hello pneumonia!

I wish I would have a better picture to show you, but all my clothes are back at school. But, I’m wearing a denim jacket from Forever 21+. Forever 21 isn’t offering much plus sized denim jackets right now, but they have a lot of cute jackets in stock. The shirt and shorts are also from Forever 21. I went to Forever 21 in NYC

over the summer and snagged a lot of cute clothes, so sorry that this OOTD doesn’t have more variety. They offer a lot of cute shirts, but just be aware that they have kind of crappy material. Lastly,my shorts.. they are my favorite shorts I’ve ever worn. They are the most comfortable shorts ever (probably because there isn’t much material to them), but it’s terrific. F21 isn’t really selling shorts right now, but I would definitely recommend getting some pants from them!

Not like you can see my accessories, but I just paired this outfit with a cute pair of earrings I bought from Forever 21 that day.

Although Forever 21 doesn’t have the best material, I still love their store. They offer great prices and have adorable clothes. If they had a store closer to my house/school, I’d be extremely poor, haha. Just so you know, they’re having a sale and offering 10% off every order over $50! Just put in coupon code: F21PLUS10 when checking out.

I’ll try and do another post tonight! See you all later! xoxo